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    Windows on uusi Linux

    Suomalaisten matkapuhelinylpeys Nokia otti Stephen Elopin johdolla rohkean loikan vaihtamalla älypuhelimissa Microsoftin käyttöjärjestelmään. Vaikka päätös oli yhtiön aikaisempien ongelmien vuoksi käytännössä välttämätön, sen tulokset ovat olleet katastrofaalisia. Nokia ei onnistunut...
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    Mitäs linux distroo suosittelet?

    Ubuntuu vai debianii? Kumpaas?
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    Fix for Google Chrome on Linux Lite

    Source - For 32bit Google Chrome: Open a terminal and do each of these commands one at a time: Code: [Select] sudo rm /etc/apt/sources.list.d/google-chrome.list sudo apt-get remove google-chrome-stable Install Chromium...
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    Linux lite 2.8 saatavilla

    Release Announcement Linux Lite 2.8 Final is now available for download. The star of this release is the inclusion of the Hardware Enablement Stack 3.19 based Kernel offering greater hardware support. We've also included a host of new features including, BTRFS support during install, the Help...
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    Linux Lite 2.6 Saatavilla

    Release Announcement Linux Lite 2.6 Final is now available for download. This release cycle has seen a number of improvements and additions to Linux Lite. With the introduction of the Linux Lite Control Center, we aim to provide one central location for everything that you need to configure...
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    Linux lite with CM (desktop view)

    Linux lite with CM aka Conky manager and with other background